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Partnership and Service Disclaimer

CanadaHostings operates as an authorized reseller of GoDaddy services. This website is maintained and managed by Infinbytes Inc., which receives commission from GoDaddy for hosting services sold through this platform. It’s important to note that all hosting services offered on CanadaHostings are directly managed and supported by GoDaddy.

In addition, Infinbytes Inc. offers personalized assistance to help clients choose the best hosting, domain, and email services options available through CanadaHostings. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive tailored solutions that best fit their specific needs and preferences.

For any queries or support related to hosting services, customers should directly contact GoDaddy, as they are responsible for all aspects of hosting service management.


For clients who have granted delegate access and subscribed to our website and hosting maintenance services, Infinbytes Inc. commits to managing hosting-related errors and issues on their behalf. This includes direct communication with GoDaddy to resolve any hosting issues. Our aim is to provide seamless and hassle-free maintenance services, ensuring that your website runs smoothly with minimal disruptions. Please note that this service is subject to the terms and conditions of our maintenance agreement and is aligned with GoDaddy’s policies and service limitations.